How to write your first blog post on WordPress Full Guide

Hello, So Todays, topic about Write your first blog post.

So, my friends, As you are aware, it is difficult to write first blog post when you are new to this task. always wondering how or where to begin your post How much it would be advantageous to you and everyone else. That’s why Today I am going to show you, How easily you can achieve to write first blog post.

Write First Blog Post

Do you want to write some catchy post that makes your reader fully satisfied. Then, I will suggest you try to write something that’s your reader’s demand because it’s good to satisfy your visitors with good content.

If you’ve just begun blogging and hold set up your blog on WordPress Websites, then you are in the right place. This article will show you how to make new posts in WordPress.

The WordPress blog is the most popular in the present era since SEO is so simple in WordPress. Apart from that, no coding is necessary to correct any errors in the WordPress blog. You can solve any issue by just plugging it in. That’s why now every blogger wants to migrate to WordPress.

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Clearly, Before I begin, I want to emphasize that you must utilize the Yoast SEO plugin if you have a WordPress site. This is an SEO plugin that allows you to simply optimize your blog post. 

How to Write a New Post in WordPress:- 

Simply, You have to first just log in to your WordPress and then Check for Post > Add New Button and click on it. 

Now You see a page open for & in which many options you can see.

For Example, you can see the photo here. But, first, let’s understand all these alternatives.

Write first WordPress Post for Beginners

WordPress logo:- This is the WordPress logo link that displays all WordPress functions and all your posts simply tapping. 

+ Plus (Add Block):- In This Option, You could add Images or ParagraphsHeading and Pull-quotesTablePage breakSlideshow, Video, Audio, Documents, or many more. 

Pen (Modes):-  Just by clicking on it, you can edit or select your post (Tools offer different interactions for block selection & editing. For Selection, click on escape, and go back to editing & press-enter)

<- Arrow:- In this section, you can undo your post if you have done anything wrong or mistype. (Post that mistake, you may undo it by tapping the button.)

-> Arrow:- It’s opposite to undo, Means (The redo function restores all actions that have been used before. For Example, the redo feature restores the word you have removed when you input a word and then erase it with an undo (“undo”).

(i) Button:-  When you click on this button, you can find out how many words or Character, Heading and block, Paragraphs in your post. 

Outline (three Lines):- In This part, you can check how many paragraphs you have written in your post. 

Save Draft:-  Simply clicking on Save Draft Button, you could save your half-done(Incomplete) post.

Preview:- This option allows you to check your post looks before you going to publish it. 

Publish:- After finishing the whole work, you can simply click publish button. (Now, the user can read your post.) 

Setting:- This option provides you to hide or unhide Sidebars.

Categories:- It’s Allow you to choose a category for your post. You can add categories by simply clicking. 

Tag:- Tags help find content on search engine quickly, so Before giving a tag, you must know what types of tag you need to add.

Feature Image:- In this Part, you can add a Feature image for your post. 

Now, I’ve Explained everything about these options that all you need to know beginners to write a post.

How to Write a post Tittle:- 

You could use the keywords that match your content in the post title and write the title, So simple that it can be understood just by reading that on which topic your post is written. Apart from that, Don’t use unrelated word because that makes your content scrap. Keep your mind before writing your post. Written post must be user/SEO Friendly. 

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Note: If you want to write good content, you must use Yoast SEO plugin, Because This plugin guides you to write better content.

How to add Meta-Descriptions:-

 Do you Know How much Meta Descriptions useful for your wordpress website. In Simple, you could say it’s a way to tell the Search engine about your content. You have mostly seen it when you explore something on Google Search Engine. 

Write a Meta description:- After making a post in WordPress to show visitors how they learn in the content. In fact, (the focus keyword might be used in your article from the content).

Don’t Write a lot of keywords, Because it makes confuse to search engine or readers what is your post about. Instead, try to use focus keywords to write unique. 

The best suggestion doesn’t use the extra word more than 160 because it’s not SEO friendly. 

If You are using Yoast Plugin, Then you can easily write your meta-descriptions. 

How to Set up Permalink:- 

All features of an SEO-friendly URL should be included in a permalink. 

This shows that the web page is safe. Therefore all information transferred from the web browser to the webserver is encrypted.

This should be brief and clear — A permalink should be brief, but it should also show what a page is about.

Pro Tips:- 

  • Try always lowercase words, and avoid adding an extra word like a or you “a”, “of”, “you”, “the”, “on”, “and”, “is”.
  • Make your URL short because Google likes Short URL.

Check Your Permalink setting:- (what you have selected)

Now you have to Choose Post Name Option. ( For Education or loan and finance Check this website :-

For Example- )

You can check this how to find Domain Name