how to achieve goal with your dedication?

Achieve Goal with Dedication
achieve goal with your dedication

“Do all things with love, passion and dedication!”

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Let’s talk..About. Achieve Goal with your dedication (अपने समर्पण से लक्ष्य केसे प्रप्त करे) 

Achieving Goal with your Dedication, is really good way to know about all the including facts. Ultimate passion and dedication drive more success. Asking about achieve goal with your dedication not help you It should be applied to in your real life.

Do you ever feel like you’re working hard and not getting better results? Perhaps you need to improve your skills and executing methods. Tired of changing jobs from one job to another. So That’s why I will tell you few things that will help you to take you there. Do you know by setting smart goals and devotedness can take you to your goal.

To get your goals, you have to work with your full mindset, Dedication and Passion. By doing this, we can definitely get success. 

What does Commitment mean?

Dedication is the act of being totally involved in what is intangible, such as a task, a goal or a desired result or anything that you may feel part of, for instance, a cause, faith, a sporting team or someone else.

Especially, Teenagers who are willing to get their goals but after few days just forgot about their promise and called Dedication. for those people, I need to explain that it was not Dedication. It’s just an act that remained with the ideas in your head. 

Achieve a goal with your Dedication to get the right time or direction. Dedication is the best way to achieve a goal, So if you are truly devoted to your goal. Nobody can stop from getting it.

A Real Dedication means you are fully devoted blindly to purposes. 

We do not get success only by wishing, but to achieve success, one has to awaken self-confidence and, at the same time, need to be determined. Determination has wondrous power, with the help of getting success in our life and freedom from anxieties.

God has created man so that as long as there is only one way of escape left in front of him, he is eager to run away than to suffer. Such a person can get victory only when he has a firm determination in his heart that he will achieve the desired thing.

Finding Passion

Basically, most people try to follow others’ passions and that’s why we fail. So don’t shy to know about your goals go all the way you need, look for your desire to perform in good manners. It means, that work you can do passionately to achieve for a long time.You may choose hobby

If your Passion doesn’t match your goals, try to change it quickly and Don’t presume that your Passion should be your job.

Set Immense Goals

 Set Big Goals – Because big goals remind you that you haven’t reached your goals yet, you have a loyalty that compels you to “dream big and work hard” to achieve your big goals. It doesn’t matter how much your goal is big. Don’t hurry to choose your future goal. Simply you just all need to set a big goals, that you have think about the result you want to see in future.

Without ambitions, you lack concentration and direction. Setting goals not only helps you to take charge of your life’s path, but it also provides you with a baseline for assessing if you are truly succeeding. Consider this: having a million dollars in the bank is only indication of accomplishment if one of your aims is to acquire wealth. If your objective is to perform acts of charity, then retaining the money for yourself is suddenly contradictory to how you define success.

Choose Specific Goals

 Don’t let choose your past to your destiny, because it’s time to say all barriers bye forever. If you’re not specific goals, then you may be stuck in a bush. Living without a goal as if only takes you on a journey where you just keep walking, and nothing is achieved.

Accurate Time Management

What if you are trying to get that dream that is so consuming. It might be difficult to get your goals on time. Time is most important that should not be avoided in any case. Time management would be fully maintained. 

Don’t compromise

in fact, we end up compromising on circumstances and our bigger problems. If we compromise, it means our dreams have no value, or we have no moral value. And compromising with the situation means that we accepted the goal as a failure before trying to get through. 

Note:- Compromise is way that take you nowhere, so if you decide to compromise you must to know what you are going to do. Exactly the same way you can rebuild your focus just by simply enable the booster of your

Don’t Doubt Yourself

Especially, For Beginners who are just passed out and moving forward to get their life on a good track. Remember one thing do not worry about your mistakes. There is no one who has not made a single mistake in his life.

Future Planning

Life is precious things that you have, So you don’t waste this life doing some undesired things.Thinking about a successful future should be a need that should be done without any distractions or obstructions. 

Making the right plans for the future helps you achieve one goal more quickly, but the next thing is to find the right path that leads to your goal. For example, let’s assume that you need to put your performance and actual plan into action if you aspire to be an actor or sportsperson. It is one thing to have a plan but another to execute it. To conquer the future, you have to fight today, which is the first step towards the future.

Right Intention

Moving towards your goal. There must be a specific way that it fully organized to grab a target. By having the right Intention, it becomes easy to achieve the goal with complete dedication. The Intention should be like this that provokes you to time to complete your goals. Intentions are a booster because if you have unwavering intentions, no one can stop you. 

This way, you get your Intention like you want a good job and a good lifestyle at home, which comes to your mind continuously without interruption. (Right dedication + right intention + Hard work+Time management) all these things must have to get the goal. 

Be Tight toward goal

Going toward your goals could be better for you because there’s no other alternative to choose. Don’t think someone can break your decision means any offer or comfortable way can replace your futures. Seeing your future in present times, you could grasp the power of your goals. So just try to concentrate on work that can encourage you to take you in futurity. 

Don’t lose attitude

Hopefully, this attitude really matters to take you to the next level to achieve the future goal. If your attitude is not good, then it will be difficult to achieve the goal. Because your attitude determines what kind of people you are.

Do Mental Exercise

Do mental exercise: Do you know how many mentally fit people are more active than normal people. So, what is the reason? It is really easy if you want to do something then you must be mentally prepared because without any mental fitness you cannot stand for long to set your goal. 

Disappear your nervousness

Actually, Nervousness(uncomfortable condition) is that virus that discourages you to getting your goals. Sometimes, it makes it unpredictable, SO if you face this situation, you need to just remind yourself that such a thing can’t stop you and fear.


Use Smart Trick to :- (Specific,Measurable,Attainable,Relevant.Time Bound):- 

Specific-Your objective must be clear and concise. Vague or vast targets are helpless since they do not give enough direction.

Unless you cannot concentrate on your endeavors or feel truly motivated to achieve them when selecting your goal, it would be best if you asked yourself these questions. 

What do you want to become/achieve

Why this goal is important for you.

What benefits you will get from…

What things do you need to accomplish? 

Measurable- means if you know that how much it would take to complete your goals. It’s important to have measurable goals to track growth of the goal and stay motivate. Evaluating the progress helps you understand how far you need to get your dream and feels the enthusiasm of moving close to your goals. 

Note:- A measurable goal question example

How much, 

How Many, 

When will you get your goals?

Attainable- Ensure that it’s feasible to accomplish the objectives you set. In the event that you put forward an objective that you have no desire for accomplishing, you will just dispirit yourself and dissolve your certainty.

Best to ask yourself these questions:

  • How can I achieve this goal?
  • When it would be better for you.
  • What you are targeting
  • How to achieve goal with Dedication to get success 

 Relevant- Goals should be relevant to the direction you want your life and career to take. By maintaining this alignment of goals, you will build the concentration to go forward and achieve what you desire. Set broad, uncoherent ambitions and you will lose your time and life. So make your goals more relevant.

You can Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this seem useful?
  • Is this the appropriate time?
  • Does this suit our other purposes/demands?

Time-Bound- Your goals must have a deadline. Again, this emphasizes that you recognise when it is appropriate to celebrate success. When you have a deadline, your feeling of pleasure increases, and you will achieve more promptly.

 Asked yourself these questions:

  • When or How much 
  • What can I do after one year from now. 
  • What can I do after a few weeks from now?
  • How much time do you need daily to accomplish your goal?

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

― George Bernard Shaw

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