How to Find and Generate Good Content Ideas for Beginners 100% working

How to Find and Generate Good Content Ideas for Beginners 100% working

Topic: How to find and Generate Good Content Ideas for Beginners that can be really hard for you, but you can easily generate more content ideas from now on.  

Simply, Did you ever thought what stopped you when you are going to write good content? It might be, Lack of content dangerous for your blog or website. ( So What to do in That condition) 

Simply try to gather some information about that to hint you write better content and focus on keywords. 

Well, Generate Content Ideas is it sounds harsh to do. But In no time, I would tell you a few different tactics that will help you generate thousands of content ideas. 

Let’s find out what Happens When we fully get the Lack of contents ideas. 

When you run out of ideas for the content, you will no longer be interested in writing the topic. So please take some time to choose ideas about content. 


 Check Your Previous Posts: – 

Now you are thinking why we should check our old post, But seriously, you can’t imagine giving a real hint to write the next one.

Eventually, we write a post, and From there, we get some of the other topics in it that have not yet written in our blog. 

For Instance – Just suppose you have just written a post on your blog on the topic, ” How to Start a Blog,” Then after all of it, In That case, you could easily write a post on many topics related to it like, “what is Blog” and “what bloggers do,” and “Types of blogs.” If you find is any need, then just find such impurities. 

And all from this, you can easily write new posts on your old posts’ subheadings to give more information to the reader about them. 

Finally, when you run out of topics, Simply read the old post and find new content ideas. If you are a beginner, you should use your notebook to write content ideas because It will generate new content ideas.

Read and Analyze other blogs

Read and Analyze other blogs : (In Your blogs space) 

Do you know how many times, just by reading others blog, you can get lots of content ideas from there, so I suggest that you should study your favourite blogs daily to find out new content ideas? Because different types of people’s brains act in different ways, So different types of ideas also come into their mind. And that exactly the same as what happens with bloggers.

It may be that the topic on which the content ideas of ​​​​writing has come to your mind has not come to my mind, and the one who has come to my mind has not come to your mind. That’s why we should also check the blogs of other bloggers of our own niche/content/blog. Maybe from them, we can get some great post idea for our blog.

It Does not mean that we have to steal the entire post from other blogs because it’s not valuable. Instead of this, We just have to take some content ideas from there. On the Base, we have to write content in your way. 

Always write a blog on a Trending topic. 

Do You know about google keywords planner, where you could easily get top trending ideas and many other platforms like Twitter or reddit? 

Nowadays, every day something or the other remains in trend. Rarely someone panics while doing paragliding, and sometimes, a star gets trolled on social media. If you are running news blogs, then It will great chance to improve your website ranking. 

Likewise, in technology, sometimes there is an update of Google and sometimes of SEMrush. Newly update about you could just write content on that topics. 

Out of these thousands of trending news, you can pick up some news of your work and make them the headline of your post and can become popular among people very easily by writing about them very easily.

Note» But always remember that writing about trends doesn’t imply propagating misinformation. » Never allow rumours to spread the confidence of your blog. You can locate popular things through Facebook, Youtube and Google.

keep an eye on online forums/Communities

In today’s online age, individuals flock to Google or YouTube for simple information. However, suppose they need to address a serious issue or seek expert guidance. In that case, the following resources can assist them: Internet Communications, Help Centers, Online Forums, and Question-Answer Platforms.

On these websites, people share a lot of their difficulties and ask a lot of questions. There are also thousands of people here, so you can easily find many amazing Blog Post Content Ideas here.

 Few popular online platforms are listed down here-

1) • Quora – This is a Q-A Platform where you can ask your own questions as well as answer someone else’s question. You can make the questions asked here the topic of your blog post.

2) • Facebook Groups – You can join Facebook groups related to your blog’s niche and write posts on the questions asked by people in it. You Can Join My FB Group Here

Other similar online platforms are- Medium, LinkedIn, Indi blogger, IndiBlogHub, YouTube.

5) • View magazine or essay 

There is a lot in newspapers and periodicals. What occurred in the past? Now what’s going on and in the future what could happen? All of the information is only available in magazines.

The only difference between a blog and a magazine is that the Magazine is printed, whereas the blog is published online. Apart from that, I don’t see much of a difference between the two. As a result, if you feel you have nothing left to write about in life, pick up a magazine connected to your topic. And I can assure you that you will never say that I have nothing special to write about after this!

Best Magazine for blogger:- Lucky, Creative Review, Ad Age, Fast Company, Flaunt, Entrepreneur, lit blog, Texas Monthly, Billboard, The Diplomat, NME, Vigyan Pragati, India-Today.

Pick Broad Niche to get the Best recharge your content ideas. 

Many often, when starting a blog, we do not pay close attention to the niche. Instead, we just select any issue, whether we have any interest in it or not.

When starting a new blog, always keep in mind that choose a niche of your interest first and foremost; there must always be something to write about in it, i.e. the niche is very.

Question People (Ask Your Readers): ( Good for you to find Content Ideas ) 

If you don’t know what to write about, you can ask your audience about it. You may learn about ideas, needs, and issues, as well as the types of posts they prefer to read, by using comments, surveys, or polls in groups.

What to Do or Not? 

If you try to copy other people’s content, the “help” articles will be rewritten, making them difficult to read. 

If you are using the paid version, that’s greatHowever, if you do not have this article, please avoid doing so because Google can easily determine that you did not write this article because the free version tool will make some mistakes when using it to rewrite the article.

Furthermore, it is very important to easily spot other people’s problems once you understand your subject. Therefore, try to analyze the main theme of your blog. 


Then it is obvious that you are no longer interested in your topic. I have noticed many bloggers complaining: (How to achieve blog content creativity) Let’s get started: You often think, “Which blog should you write today or this week? “Well, my friends, you have questions. Instead, the question should be similar to “How much do your readers want to read today and this week? Usually, blogging (for making money and building a great brand) is about finding users, not what you want. Therefore, try to set the correct priority. It will inspire your readers and your search engine optimization. Here are some ways to get unlimited blog content ideas every day. Users read most messages. It is recommended to write more.

It is a medium to explore the creativity of blog content. Never write a difficult word on your blog. Try to keep it simple for better understanding. Social media is a huge platform for getting content ideas. 

When looking for content, you need to have a social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. This is because millions of people are interested in understanding many things. 

You can find information related to your topic there. Use Google Search Console-The best way to get millions of content ideas is to understand what is happening in the world. If you are new to use your WordPress blog, please click on the link below to learn how to write your first blog.

 How to write your first blog post on WordPress Full Guide

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