List of the Best directory submission website 2021


Directory Submissions

Find out About the Directory-Submission site.

Before going to jump on the topics, you should know what type of submission you need to get. Despite that, if you don’t know how much it is profitable to get positive traffic.

Well, though, Suppose you know Everything about the Directory Submission website is. In that case, you may also know the benefits of the directory submission site. 

Finally, who doesn’t know about the web submission site? Although this may be true, You don’t need to worry about it. I will reveal to you every single detail about the submission site. Because if you know how to submit your post to the web submission sites. You could easily rank your website. 

What is the Directory Submission website? 

Additionally, You may think the website submissions are considered a telephone directory in simple words. Because submitting the link is a real job. As usual, it includes all contents of your website and blog information.

Today, several top search engines, such as Google and DuckDuckgo, or Yahoo, claim that directories such as these have been submitted for your website to boost site ranking.

It helps to analyze the website and Just Because it includes all the website contents and blog information of your website to rank in search pages.

Types of directory submission sites are there?

Commonly, There are three types of directory submission sites. First, you can choose any directories which are given below.

Firstly, Free directory submission sites.

In this process, you make a submission to your website for free. Yes, friends, many such websites keep a list of free submissions. But while making free web submission, you also get some sites where you also take 1 to 2 months for directory submission.

Because the site that allows you to make a free entry submission does not approve your site quickly, so, therefore, it takes some time. By the way, if observed, the free submission is much better. And why is this so you will know after knowing the other two types of submissions?

Secondly, Paid submission sites.

Well, To submit your site link! I mean that? To get the directory approved. There is an advantage in the Paid version. It does not take much time. Here your site is approved very soon and is listed.

But also keep in mind that Google does not like your paid link at all. It may be due to. If you submit a paid directory, then Google will impose a penalty on your site.

Thirdly, Reciprocal submission sites.

Reciprocal link submission is one such process. Where you need not pay any money to submit a directory. Nor is your directory submission here for free.

To direct you to your directory in the reciprocal link submission. A link to the directory submission site is also required to be given in one of your blog posts, only after which the directory submission of your website is approved.

In a way, if understood through easy words and Take one hand and take the other hand. This law prevails.

According to the SEO, Reciprocal link submission is a very bad thing. It will make your site’s SEO worse. Along with this, Google also does not count such gender because it becomes a kind of exchange scheme.

So try not to make Reciprocal link submission.

 Benefits of the submitting URL 

The link to the domain has to be included in this type of website. This connection is the web directory that the URL must be forwarded to. The part of your page is then added to its website by the web owner.

Your content will still be included on other sites when you add your site to a Directory, which ensures outstanding search engine indexing. We have addressed many reasons for posting your site in the web directory below. Don’t wait to take them over:

The high-quality free backlinks on your blog should be high. For example, uploading a directory to your homepage would help build a link that will help you to search your website or blog to accept thousands of blogs on your first page.

How to do ? 

Go to the Directory submission site first. There you will find a Submit Link or Add Link in Menu or Navigation. Click on it. Nowhere you choose a category related to your sites, such as blogs, Entertainment, Photography or Dating.

After this, select the list in the directory. Such as FREE (regular), PAID (features), or a reciprocal link. As we have already known. If you want to approve your directory quickly, then you can choose the paid option. Otherwise, choose Free Submission only.

Now here, give the information of your blog or site. Such as Site Title, Website URL, Meta Description, Meta Keyword, Owner Name, Short Description and Owner Email Id. (Note: – Save all these details in a notepad. Because they may be needed later.

Now in the last step of Directory Submission. All you have to do is click on the button of Continue or Submit.

Now Verify your Email-Id.

Advantages of directory submission. (Benefits of directory submission)

Although directory submission has many benefits for you, out of all those benefits, the most important and important advantages are given below.

Your website gets quality backlinks from directory submission.

Your site’s PR means a page rank increase.

Directory submission Your blog posts. Looks at the top position in the search engine.

What are the steps to submit a catalogue?

There are several steps needed to add a URL to the Indian list of submissions. Let’s hop to these pages and add a URL-

Step 1. Make sure to follow all the rules and regulations on these sites.

Step 2. Select a niche or any category for your URL. Don’t avoid adding the sub-category. Because it’s must.

Step 3. fill in the important details in the form. ( while filling a form be careful)

Step 4. now get the submit button clicked. 

Step 5. now, you will receive a confirmation message which will be saying, “submitted and waiting for approval.”

Step 6. once you provided the submission URL, save it or copy it in your notepad.

Step 7. now, you can choose to go to the other directory submission sites list to further submission.


1.       www.pinterest.com9495
2.       www.reddit.com9190
3.       stumbleupon.com9076
4.       boingboing.net8973
5.       aboutus.com6250
6.       kompower.com5747
7.       www.bizsugar.com5559
8.       gigablast.com5354
9.       blogtopsites.com5254
10.   scrubtheweb.com5255
11.   blogflux.com5254
12.   viesearch.com4356
13.   www.links2go.com4352
14.   www.goedbegin.nl4253
15.   jayde.com4251
16.   www.bloghub.com4263
17.   operationuplink.org4250
18.   joeant.com4150
19.   www.bookmark4you.com3956
20.   www.sociopost.com3952
21.   www.addurl.nu3755
22.   add-link-exchange.com3749
24.   www.goguides.org3752
25.   remotehour.com3738
26.   www.marketinginternetdirectory.com3652
27.   somuch.com3652
28.   www.submissionwebdirectory.com3653
29.   www.elecdir.com3650
30.   www.freeadstime.org3548
31.   www.sitepromotiondirectory.com3553
32.   directoryworld.net3547
33.   www.blogrollcenter.com3562
34.   www.sites-internationaux.com3551
35.   www.businessseek.biz3554
36.   www.skaffe.com3550
37.   www.gratisadviseurs.nl3447
38.   www.a1webdirectory.org3453
39.   www.secretsearchenginelabs.com3452
40.   www.cipinet.com3453
41.   www.usalistingdirectory.com3353
42.   1abc.org3347
43.   freewebsitedirectory.com3346
44.   www.prolinkdirectory.com3353
45.   www.sonicrun.com3262
46.   alistdirectory.com3246
47.   add-link-exchange.com3749
49.   www.goguides.org3752
50.   remotehour.com3738