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About Us !

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Satishlifetalks.com is a Professional Blog Platform. Here we will provide you only interesting content, which you will like very much.


We’re dedicated to providing you the best of Blog, with a focus on dependability and The Beginner’s guide all in one. 

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Welcome to Satishlifetalks.com.
This website provides you the latest updates about several topics like “Blogging tips, WordPress, Keyword Research, & Unknown facts, Social Media, Internet, Health, Motivation, Daily life, and many more.
I want to give you the correct info regarding my categories, as we discussed above.
Hopefully, Many Searcher/Visitors are trying to get the right solution to their problems.
By Solving their’s problem atone place at one time.
the Reason for multi topics to provide all info about the related topic they were searching for so you can easily find your solutions in one place. We aimed to provide all information in one place.

I hope you understood about us. 


I will keep posting more important posts on my Website for all of you. Please give your support and love.

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About me : 

About me


The Basic Details what I really like or not and everything here About me, You can Find here >

My Name is Satish Kumar, and Though I was born in Varanasi, I’ve lived here in the Moradabad city for nearly all of my age.

 And I still love this city places, The Cause I most love, it’s small, easy to find places, in this city, Restaurants peace, Street food & Biriyani.

 I love food, one of life’s best happiness if you ask me along by great conversation, MY Beloved Games, This is going to be very incredible because I don’t like too many sports it doesn’t indicate I hate games. But I like adventure games.

I am facing a lot of things, which were terrible at the time. I was doing a job as a computer assistances, where I have to daily type question papers for school. 

Yet I have not stopped doing that. I was doing my job for extra money, from that money I wanted to help my day with money. Whenever I thought about future in those days, It was like hellfire. I was too frustrated, Seeking, bits of help.

I Don’t Know How much time it will take to improve, Do your know-how makes it feels when you were Treated Unaccepted. IT’s hardly Digging Your Hurt with their Weapons. I felt the same way as I was in my life, People just say so easily.

Then We are just struggling with the difference of the situations, live your life with a Great Smile of happiness. Never feels upset with your life. Life is like water, if you pour in something it takes the shape of it.


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